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Photosensitive Migraine:

Do you experience a migraine headache triggered by light? Working
under flourescent lights, on coming headlights, bright flashes and
other lighting has been shown to trigger migraine headaches.

Precision tinted lenses can help reduce the discomfort experienced by
some migraine sufferers by normalizing activity in the brain, a study

Some people who suffer migraines 'are highly susceptible to stressful
visual stimuli,

The stimuli produces discomfort and perceptual illusions, illusions
of color, shape, and motion Earlier studies found that this
susceptibility to visual stimuli is linked with

excess activation in the brain's visual cortex.

The excessive brain activity can induce a migraine.

Specially tinted glasses or Contact Lenses may normalize brain
activity and reduce or eliminate Migraine frequency. Ask Dr. Cantrell
if this could be an option for you.